ABDO E-Books - This is our collection of hosted ebooks.  These books can be read to you or read by yourself.  It is up to you.

E-Point Plus
 - This is our collection of ebooks.  These books must be read by yourself.  There is no audio for these books.  At this point in time they are SPANISH ONLY.

Follett E-Books - This is our collection of ebooks from follett.  

Permahub - This is a collection of ebooks by Perma-bound.  It includes many fairy tales and many classic titles.

Rosen Publishing
 This is our collection of interactive ebooks.  This means that there is extra content available inside the books while you are reading.

MackinVia - This  is  our collection of ALL the ebooks we have.  Want  to read a  book online?  Look here!


American West- This is a database with information all about the old American West.  This is a very high level database.

American Indian Histories - This database houses tons of information about all of the different Native American Tribes.  This is a very high level database.

Brittanica Online - This webpage, much like the Gale site, offers various databases available to you all under one password. 

Gale- This is a webpage with tons of different databases available to you all with one password.  

PebbleGo! - This is an easy to use database that students can access for information when looking to find articles on different subjects.  This is really handy when students are asked to write reports!

Tumblebooks - This is subscription belongs to the El Paso Public Library  (EPPL).  There is access to tons of reading material, puzzles, music, videos and more.  Spanish material is also available.  To log in you must have a public library account.  Soon, every child in the school district will have one. Until that time, if you would like to log in, you must have an EPPLaccount.  You can get one for free at any public library.  Just be sure to bring proof of address.  This is a utility or cable bill with your name and address printed on it.

The Username and Password for all of these books is available from your teacher.  If you would like to email for access, please click the link below.