Welcome to the Hughey Library home page.  My name is Leticia DeSantis, and I'm your librarian!  Here is some important information to know about the library.  

Library Hours

The library is open for check out every school-day from 7:45 until 9 am.  The library re-opens for check out from 2:00 to 3:45.  

Book Policy
The number of books you can check out varies by grade.  Here is a rundown of what each grade is able to access from the library.

Pre-K - 0 books (Parents must create an account to get books for this grade level.)
Kindergarten - 1 book
1st - 5th grade - 2 books

Parents are allowed to come in and create a parent account.  Each parent is allowed two books to check out as well.  

Students are not charged for late books.  Students ARE responsible for lost or damaged books.  A fee will be charged to the student's account in an amount equal to the replacement price of the book that was lost.  

Students are allowed to check out Playaways with a signed parent permission slip.  This must be signed on an anual basis.  Playaways are audiobooks.  Parent permission is required due to the price of these items.  

Library Email
Questions?  You can email Mrs. DeSantis at: