Hilda Hernandez, Military Family Life Counselor

Meet Our Hughey MFLC...

This year we are pleased to have been assigned a Military Family Life Counselor whom we share with Ross Middle School.  It is our pleasure to introduce Ms. Hilda Hernandez, an experienced and licensed counselor.  Ms. Hernandez is on campus Mondays, Wednesdays,and alternate Fridays.  As military families, many of us are familiar with the role the MFLC plays in our community.  Ms. Hernandez specializes in child and youth behavioral issues and is available at no cost to the family.  She is available to provides hort-term, non-medical counseling support to our military connected students.  Services are confidential and private with the exception of child abuse/neglect, domestic abuse and other duty-to-warn situations.  Issues addressed by the MFLC are school adjustment, deployment and separation, reunion adjustment, communication issues, behavioral concerns, as well as fear, grief,and loss.

Ms. Hernandez can be reached at (915) 249-1294.